A Shared Learning Suite
for Our Community

Supporting Your Learning Strategy
and Training Goals

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A Shared Learning Suite for Our Community

Supporting Your Learning Strategy and Training Goals

We are interested in *


Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides a more cost-effective training solution than a custom built system, allowing you to conserve valuable resources for your mission-driven work.

Transform Your Organization With a Shared Learning Management System
  • Provides a centralized location for all trainings
  • Easy to assign and track training completions

  • Stores and tracks certifications
  • Consolidating training records from both internal and external systems

  • Securing your training material with a cloud-based LMS

  • Typically over a 10% cost savings per year to use a Shared Services Organization LMS vs. owning your own

  • Reduces staff time and cost by offering consistent and effective training

  • Access to training bundles and shared content 

  • Allowing online learning to be accessed on demand, using any device

  • Mobile friendly LMS

  • Eliminating manual recording and tracking

  • Providing reporting for compliance and audits which assists in applying for grants that require formal training, tracking, and reporting

  • Ecommerce support services

  • Delivering Instructor Led Training (ILT), webinars, videos, interactive content, assessments, and attestations
  • Providing program, job, and board related courses and curriculum

  • Compatible with all major eLearning authoring tools

  • Create common curriculum across agencies, departments, and organizations

  • Address common training needs for grants

  • Providers transferable skills and talent across agencies

  • Reduces training time and provides a common set of standards

Strengthening Organizations Through Experience & Value


Train, track, and report back on all experiences that the individuals take in the system

Tie a series of training offerings and learning plans to each role so that the various roles get the appropriate training they need

Link into External LMS and training systems for outside content if enabled by external LMS


Provide an interface with your branding

Interface with your HRIS system to allow for auto load of users

Build out supervisory structure to allow for appropriate management of training for staff

Build custom user roles in the system

Course Instructional Design assistance


Document repository with revisioning, similar to SharePoint

Certificates upon completion of courses and learning plans

Automated reporting and notifications, based on your needs

Provide training dashboard and training completion records for everyone in your organization

Licenses Per Month

Licenses Per Month

*The above plans require a one-time start up fee that will be determined based on needs specific to your organization.

The FLPPS LMS provides an extensive library of courses as a resource to our partners and our community. Some popular topics include: health literacy, cultural competency, leading virtual teams, preventing sexual harassment for employees in New York, unconscious bias, care management courses, links to CPI training and NYS OASAS courses, and more!
The following FLPPS catalog is available
  • Value Based Healthcare  — 14 courses
  • Professional Development  — 23 courses
  • Care Management  — 20 courses
  • COVID-19  — 8 courses
  • Direct Care/Clinical  — 25 courses
  • Time and Meeting Management  — 8 courses
  • HR and Compliance  — 24 courses
  • Leadership  — 16 courses
  • Interpersonal Skills  — 15 courses
  • Other Relevant Trainings  — 30+ courses
  • Zoom:  V2 Full integration
  • Go to Meeting:  Full Integration
  • Adobe Connect: Full Integration
  • Webex: Full Integration
  • Microsoft Teams: Full Integration
  • Bluejeans: Full Integration
  • REST API: Full set of Industry Standards
  • SAML: SAML 2.0 Full Integration
  • LDAP: Full Integration
  • E-Signatures:  learners will be required to electronically sign that they have completed certain courses.
  • LTI:  Pass user through to other LMS systems and take course there and bring back scores and completions
  • Checklists:  Can create checklists for Instructors to use while observing skills demonstrations
  • Survey:  Built in survey capability
  • Gamification
  • CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Assignments:  Can create assignments that the Learners must complete to complete the course
  • Files tied to training:  All learning types can have reference files attached for users to access as reference guides
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • ZenDesk
  • Salesforce.com
  • Shopify
  • Lectora
  • YouTube
  • LTI Courses from external systems
  • Online, eLearning Courses
  • Webinars
  • Deep links to external courses
  • Instructor-led, Classroom Training
  • Work Instructions
  • Training Manuals
  • Job Aids
  • Videos
  • Tests
  • User Attestations
  • External Training Recordings
  • General Documents
Some Words From Our Clients

“GCASA is a nonprofit organization of 135 employees with services including Outpatient Clinic, Methadone Clinic, Prevention, Residential and Peer/Recovery programs. As we continue to grow, we found it necessary to implement a Learning Management System to aide in compliance of the numerous required training for which we are responsible. In addition, The LMS offers additional learning plans that can be added to our programs depending on their specific training requirements. Our employees are also able to enlist in over 200 additional trainings that are available on the LMS as well. We have been up and running for about 6 months—and it’s has been huge! The support we have received from FLPPS in set up, talking through our needs, and additional add ons–has been way above what we expected. I would highly recommend this efficient system to any agency in need of a Learning Management System.”

Kim Corcoran, GCASA, Director of Human Resources

“The FLPPS LMS is now our official repository for Learning requirements and Certification tracking. QA and HR have easy access to view anyone in the organization, standard reports and custom reports to meet their needs for responding to audits and business reporting requirements. This eliminates separate electronic folders and hardcopy folders that were being maintained and also eliminated a significant amount of staff time and frustration associated with trying to maintain those separate records.”

Gregory Curtis, FLACRA, Director of IT

“FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS) has been great to work with. We have had an excellent experience from the start. The FLPPS team has been very quick to respond to any need we have had in rolling out our system and supporting staff with any difficulties they have had. In working with their team in initial development and with any changes we have needed as our training needs have evolved, their services have all been excellent.”

David Crawford, LMSW, CASAC, CASA-Trinity Inc., Director of Training and Development

One source for your Organization’s training.